Coach Nate Oats Reflects on Impressive Season Opener: Alabama Dominates Morehead State 105-73

Coach Nate Oats Reflects on Impressive Season: Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats shared insights on the team’s opening 105-73 win against Morehead State, noting positive starts and areas for improvement.

Opening Statement:

“I thought it was a great start to the season. We came out strong, with 16 assists. Morehead State is a good team, and Grant Nelson played well. Our rebounding, especially by Grant and Pringle, was commendable. Mark Sears and Aaron Estrada gave us an early boost. Latrell Wrightsell and Jarin Stevenson showcased their efforts. Overall, I’m pleased with our performance.”

On Grant Nelson:

“I knew he was super-skilled. Going 2-4 on threes is a confidence boost for him. His shooting and passing abilities are impressive.”

On the Freshman Class:

“We’ve got five freshmen with great potential. Davin Cosby’s shooting, Dioubate’s toughness, and Jarin’s performance stand out. We need Jarin to be more of a rim protector.”

On Mark Sears:

“In his first game as the primary point guard, he showed his understanding of the level’s intensity. When they started coming back, we got him right back in the game.”

On the New Coaching Staff:

Coach Nate Oats Reflects on Impressive Season

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“Coach Pannone on defense and Coach Claunch on offense are making positive contributions. They focus on team and player improvement. This marks the first time since 2001 Alabama has scored over 100 points in the opener.

On the Running Game:

“We need more transition plays, aiming to force steals. Our defense can push the pace. However, we must improve on defense and not concede 1.01 points per possession.”

On the Playing Rotation:

“Mo Dioubagte and Mo Wague, recovering from surgeries, will contribute. Davin Cosby and Sam Walters can be impactful. The rotation will depend on defensive performance, and we aim for better injury resilience this year.”

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Our Reader’s Queries

How much does Nate Oats make per year?

The contract starts off with a yearly base salary of $305,000 and a talent fee of $4.195 million for the 2023-24 season. The talent fee will increase by $200,000 every season until the 2028-29 season. In the final season of Oats’ current contract, the base salary will remain at $305,000, but the talent fee will be $5.195 million.

Who is Nate Oats married to?

In Oats’ personal life, he shares three daughters with his wife Crystal – Lexie, Jocie, and Brielle. In a November 2015 Facebook post, Oats revealed that his wife was battling an aggressive type of lymphoma and would be starting chemotherapy.

How many children does Nate Oats have?

Nate Oats served as an assistant coach at Maranatha from 1997 to 2000, and then transitioned to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater from 2000-02. He and his wife Crystal have three daughters: Lexie, Jocie, and Brielle.

How many seasons has Nate Oats been at Alabama?

Alabama coach Nate Oats faces his biggest test as he enters his fifth season in charge. Player turnover is on the horizon after an impressive 31-win season and securing the No.

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