China Foreign Minister: Silent Aftermath China Evasive Tactics After Top Official Removal

China foreign minister: China fired foreign minister Qin Gang. Chinese lawmakers and citizens are questioning this decision. Mr. Qin lives with whom? Is he ill? Anyone investigating him?

The Foreign Ministry keeps denying queries. After his replacement, the ministry’s website erased most of Mr. Qin’s information. This unusual item that nobody understood intrigued more people. A spokeswoman said cruel falsehoods when asked about Mr. Qin’s removal’s transparency.

This bizarre incident shows that President Xi Jinping’s diplomatic reforms have failed. He’s a stern boss who likes to hide things, even if it makes China look bad.

Experts claim President Xi’s bolder international strategy has weakened the international Ministry. Some consider this risky. People think the Party and Xi make the most important Taiwan and US foreign policy decisions. The Foreign Ministry’s workload decreases.

China and the US have been fighting over Taiwan and Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Even though he was inexperienced, Mr. Xi became foreign minister quickly despite all of this. After 17 months as ambassador in Washington, he acquired this new assignment.

Mr. Qin’s expulsion seems bizarre. The ministry’s foreign minister page just states, “We are currently updating the information.” Despite renewed mention of Mr. Qin, no one knows where he is. Removing references for a short time reveals Mao Zedong’s era. Former government opponents had their records deleted.

China Foreign Minister

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This issue may put Mr. Qin in difficulty with Communist Party leaders, not simply his illness. The Foreign Ministry’s statements are hard to understand and hard to decipher, making it hard for them to respond clearly.

 The ministry’s “wolf-warrior” diplomacy, which Mr. Xi prefers, shows how difficult it is for Chinese diplomats to deliver their leaders’ messages.

After Mr. Qin retires, Wang Yi, a powerful official who meets with foreign leaders, is unknown. We don’t know how much policy impact he has as a Politburo member who meets with Mr. Xi more often.

Mr. Xi helped China rise globally. China’s foreign policy intrigues people worldwide. Xi wants to alter the world. He wants to challenge the rule-based US system. China’s politics are growing more intriguing.

Mr. Xi could work harder to improve his leadership because of foreign policy issues. This may be his main political motivation. China’s diplomacy is watched worldwide. Mr. Qin’s dismissal shows how China’s approach to global concerns can be complicated.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who is the Minister of Foreign Relations in China?

Wang Yi, a Beijing native of Han descent, was born in October 1953. He started working in September 1969 and became a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in May 1981.

Who is China Foreign Minister Yang?

Yang Jiechi, born on May 1, 1950, is a prominent Chinese diplomat and former politician. He held key roles such as director of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission from 2013 to 2022, State Councilor from 2013 to 2018, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China from 2007 to 2013.

How many ministers are in China?

The State Council, also known as the Central People’s Government, includes the Premier, several vice premiers, five state councilors (similar to vice premiers but with specific responsibilities), the secretary-general, and 26 ministers and other high-ranking department heads.

Who runs Chinese foreign policy?

The key players in foreign policy include the Central Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CCP International Liaison Department, and the CCP United Front Work Department.


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