Chicago Program Empowers Youth

Chicago Program Empowers Youth: In the bustling city of Chicago, a remarkable program is making waves as it transforms the lives of young individuals and offers them a new sense of purpose and opportunity. At the heart of this initiative is the nonprofit organization called the Automotive Mentoring Group, founded by the visionary Alex Levesque. Through this program, young people are not only given the chance to rebuild classic cars but also rebuild their own lives.

Battling Adversity

Jeff’s Story One of the program’s success stories is that of Jeff Battles, a 19-year-old who experienced a life-altering incident that shook him to his core. Jeff vividly recalls the moment he was shot and wounded, describing it as being in the “wrong place, wrong time, with the wrong people.” The bullet pierced through his shoulder and exited his neck, serving as a profound wake-up call that compelled him to seek a new direction for his life.

 Empowering Through Restoration

The Automotive Mentoring Group Searching for a transformative change, Jeff discovered solace and guidance through the Automotive Mentoring Group in Chicago. Led by the passionate and dedicated Alex Levesque, the program aims to change the way young individuals think by altering their perspectives and thought patterns. Through the restoration of classic cars, these young people not only acquire valuable technical skills but also open doors to well-paying job opportunities.

Rebuilding Lives One Car at a Time What sets the Automotive Mentoring Group apart is its special focus on reaching out to current and former gang members, recognizing their potential for positive change. The program assists these individuals in achieving their goals, such as earning high school diplomas, enrolling in college, and finding jobs or apprenticeships within the automotive industry. Alex Levesque acknowledges that these young people are often overlooked and stigmatized by society, but he firmly believes in their capacity to become agents of change within their communities.

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A Testament to Transformation

Impact and Statistics The impact of the Automotive Mentoring Group is tangible and inspiring. Since its inception in 2007, approximately 1,500 individuals have passed through the program. Astonishingly, Alex Levesque proudly shares that around 85% of the program participants have successfully turned their lives around. While he acknowledges that the program may not provide a solution to all challenges, he firmly believes that it is undeniably effective in empowering young individuals and instilling a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

 Redefining Identity

Jeff’s Journey Jeff Battles stands as a testament to the transformative power of the Automotive Mentoring Group. Determined to defy societal stereotypes, he refuses to be defined by his past experiences. With unwavering determination, Jeff is embracing a new narrative for his life, starting from the foundation and working his way up. He envisions a future free from the shadows of his past, filled with promise and opportunity.

Conclusion of Chicago Program Empowers Youth

In conclusion, the story of Jeff Battles and the Automotive Mentoring Group showcases the profound impact that providing opportunities, guidance, and support can have on the lives of young individuals seeking redemption and a fresh start. Through the restoration of classic cars, these young people are not only rebuilding vintage automobiles but also reconstructing their own identities and futures. The program serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the incredible potential for transformation when we believe in the power of second chances.


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