Auburn University Economic Impact: in Alabama Reaches $6.3 Billion

Auburn University Economic Impact: Auburn University is a powerhouse for Alabama’s economy, contributing over $6.34 billion, as revealed by a recent study.

Auburn’s Impact Unveiled Since 1996, Auburn’s Division of University Outreach has undertaken seven economic impact studies, gauging the direct and indirect effects of the Auburn University System. The 2023 study shows a significant 12% increase in the university’s contribution since 2021:

  • $2.53 billion: Direct economic impact
  • $3.81 billion: Indirect economic impact, encompassing the earning potential of in-state graduates
  • 30,296 jobs: Total jobs created by the university, in addition to its direct employment

Auburn’s President, Christopher B. Roberts, emphasizes the university’s dedication to Alabama’s progress, forging impactful partnerships, conducting groundbreaking research, and nurturing a pipeline of successful alumni.

Comprehensive Study This comprehensive study encompasses data from Auburn’s main campus, Auburn University at Montgomery, Auburn’s Research and Innovation Campus at the Huntsville Research Center, Auburn Research Park, Auburn University Urban and Rural Studios, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System spread across all 67 counties.

Royrickers Cook, Vice President for University Outreach and Associate Provost, highlights Auburn University’s dual contribution to Alabama’s financial prosperity and the enhanced quality of life for its residents through education, research, and outreach.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is Auburn University known for?

Auburn University is a top-tier public university known for its impressive academic and research programs in engineering, agriculture, natural resources, and the life and physical sciences. The university also offers advanced doctoral and professional programs in various fields.

What are examples of economic impacts?

Economic impact studies gauge the overall economic boost, including the total revenue, employment opportunities, and household earnings brought into an area by a new venture. This could be a new business setting up shop or expanding in the community, a local festival, or the construction of an event center.

Is Auburn University worth it?

Auburn University sits at #93 on the 2024 Best Colleges list for National Universities. For in-state students, tuition and fees are $12,536; for out-of-state students, it’s $33,944. Located in Auburn, Alabama, this university is situated in one of the top places to live. Students can look forward to an enjoyable college experience at Auburn University.

What are the values of Auburn University?

Instilling a strong work ethic, sound character traits, and core values of honesty and respect in our students is a crucial aspect of our public charter and the Auburn Creed. We urge students to make significant contributions and lead their peers in fostering meaningful change within their community.