Ashton Kutcher: Steps Down from Anti Child Sex Abuse Board Amid Controversy

Ashton Kutcher: Ashton Kutcher quit as chairman of the board at Thorn. This organization works to stop children from being sexually abused. This decision was made after Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis, wrote letters asking Danny Masterson, a former co-worker found guilty of rape, to get a lighter term.

Kutcher and Moore, who was his wife at the time, started Thorn in 2009. On Thursday, the company said that Kutcher would be moving.

Kutcher told the board why he was going in a letter. He wrote, “After my wife and I spent several days listening, thinking, learning, and talking with survivors, employees, and leaders at Thorn, I have chosen that the responsible thing for me to do is resign as Chairman of the Board, starting immediately. I can’t let our work and the kids we help overshadow the mistake I made.”

In 2003, Danny Masterson was found guilty of raping two women, and a Los Angeles judge gave him 30 years to life in prison. It gave Kutcher and Kunis a lot of grief. Masterson is known for his role on “That ’70s Show,” where he worked with Kutcher and Kunis.

After Masterson was sentenced, notes that Kutcher, Kunis, and others had written in his support were made public. Kutcher wrote that Masterson treated people “with respect, fairness, and kindness.”

Later, Kutcher and Kunis made an Instagram video to say they were sorry to everyone. They said their letters were for the judge to read and were not meant to disprove the victims’ claims or cause them more pain.

In his resignation note, Kutcher said he was sorry to all the victims of sexual violence and to the Thorn group from the bottom of his heart. He also said that what he did hurt other people. It shows that people still talk about #MeToo and hold people responsible.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How many kids does Ashton Kutcher have?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are facing the difficulties of being parents as a team. The actors from That ’70s Show, who tied the knot in 2015, have two kids: 9-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle and 7-year-old son Dimitri Portwood.

Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher get along?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s love story began over two decades ago when they first crossed paths on the set of That ’70s Show in 1998. Despite being a beloved on-screen couple, it wasn’t until later that they became a real-life item.

What was Ashton Kutcher illness?

Kutcher later revealed that he had been diagnosed with an uncommon type of autoimmune vasculitis.

Is Ashton Kutcher ethnicity?

Born on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Ashton Kutcher comes from a mix of Czech, German, and Irish heritage. His parents, Diane and Larry M. Kutcher, worked for Procter & Gamble and as a factory worker, respectively. Growing up in a “relatively conservative” Catholic household, Kutcher’s early life was rooted in his family’s strong values.