Amsterdam Banning Cruise Ships to Tackle Overtourism

Amsterdam Banning Cruise Ships to Tackle Overtourism

Amsterdam’s city council banned “polluting” cruise ships from docking, a groundbreaking move against overtourism. The move is part of a plan to reduce tourism’s impact on the city’s infrastructure and environment.

D66, a center-left council party, banned “polluting” cruise ships with a clear majority. Hester van Buren, Amsterdam’s port deputy mayor, supported the idea. Amsterdam expects over 18 million overnight visitors this year and up to 23 million by 2025, along with millions of day visitors.

The 2021 “Amsterdam Tourism in Balance” ordinance requires the council to intervene when overnight visitors reach 18 million. Amsterdam is actively addressing overtourism and its problems with this law.

Amsterdam’s sustainable tourism vision supports banning cruise ships. The city wants to cut tourism, especially from cruise ships that pollute. Amsterdam hopes to discourage non-sustainable ships from docking in its central area by closing the cruise ship terminal.

Amsterdam’s overtourism solution goes beyond banning “polluting” cruise ships. The city’s “Stay Away” campaign targeted British stag parties earlier this year. The campaign warns 18-35-year-olds about the dangers of excessive drinking, drug use, and antisocial behavior.

Amsterdam also plans to ban street marijuana use and reduce alcohol consumption in the red light district, a popular legal sex trade area. To protect sex workers, the city ended red light district tours in 2019.

Amsterdam Banning Cruise Ships to Tackle Overtourism

Amsterdam plans to restrict river cruises, convert hotels into offices, and close bars and clubs earlier to combat overtourism and nuisance. These measures show the city’s desire to balance tourism and resident well-being.

Logistical issues may delay cruise ship ban implementation despite progress. Amsterdam’s deputy mayor’s spokesperson said making the city center a cruise-free zone would be a gradual process involving discussions with North Sea Canal managers, other canal cities, and the Dutch government.

Amsterdam will continue to promote sustainable tourism despite the ban. The city wants to foster harmony for visitors and residents by proactively and creatively addressing overtourism. The world watches as the city balances tourism and preservation.


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Our Reader’s Queries

Why are cruise ships banned in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam City Council has just decided to put the kibosh on cruise ships by shutting down the terminal. This move is aimed at cutting down on pollution and minimizing the influx of tourists. However, there are still some more steps that need to be taken before the ban is fully implemented.

Is Amsterdam closing its port to cruise ships?

The port of Amsterdam has made it clear that cruise ships are still allowed to dock there, according to a recent statement. Additionally, the port and Passenger Terminal Amsterdam have committed to investing millions of Euros in port infrastructure and shoreside electricity for the future.

Do cruise ships still go into Amsterdam?

CLIA reported a 58% decrease in cruise traffic in Amsterdam over the past five years. This year, only 114 ships are projected to visit, a decrease from 180 ships in 2018. The director of Cruise Port Amsterdam, in charge of the terminal, stated that they anticipate 130 ships visiting next year.

Did Amsterdam ban cruise ships to reduce overtourism?

Amsterdam, a city in the Netherlands, has stopped cruise ships from coming into the city center. They did this by shutting down a terminal. This is part of a plan to decrease the problem of too many tourists. The city council made a decision to move the terminal away from the center of Amsterdam. They want to make sure that no more than 20 million tourists visit each year. They also want to lower the amount of pollution.


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