Albertville Native Amiah Murray Selected: for UAH Emerging Business Leaders Program

Albertville Native Amiah Murray Selected: Albertville, AL – Amiah Murray, a proud native of Albertville, has been honored with selection for the prestigious Emerging Business Leaders program at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Business (COB).

The Emerging Business Leaders program is an exclusive leadership initiative designed for outstanding first-year UAH business students. Participants engage in a cohort-based program that focuses on enhancing leadership and professional networking skills. As a recognition of their achievement, students selected for the program receive a $500 scholarship.

Amiah Murray, a graduate of Albertville High School in 2023, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting at UAH. Expressing enthusiasm for the program, Murray emphasizes the value of building business skills and networking within the college and the Huntsville community. She appreciates the opportunity to connect with fellow freshman Emerging Business Leaders and other leaders within the COB.

The Emerging Business Leaders program, led by Assistant Dean Jennifer Pettitt, aims to engage business students early in their academic journey at the UAH College of Business. The program fosters a community of high-achieving students, preparing them for leadership roles both within UAH and in their future professional careers.

Pettitt commends the impressive nature of the Emerging Business Leaders, noting their enthusiasm to lead, learn from industry leaders, and build a community within the College of Business. Pettitt emphasizes that while the students’ college journey is just beginning, their impact is already on the horizon.

The program, strategically developed to cultivate leadership skills, is an investment in growing the leaders of tomorrow. Dr. Jason Greene, Dean of the College of Business, expresses pride in the commitment and enthusiasm of each student in developing and growing as leaders. The UAH College of Business looks forward to welcoming and supporting these students in their academic and leadership endeavors.

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