Alabama Weather: Drought Deepens, Cold Front Showdown, and Friday Night Lights Under Clear Skies

Alabama Weather: The latest drought monitor just hit the scene, and it’s no secret that drought conditions are amping up across Alabama and the Deep South. We haven’t seen a decent drop of rain since September 16 in Birmingham, clocking in at a mere 0.86 inches. And, well, the chances of getting some much-needed rain in the next 7-10 days? Let’s just say it’s looking slimmer than a catfish in a pond.

Get ready for some good  partly to mostly sunny days, with warm afternoons and nights that make you want to pull up a rocking chair on the porch. Highs? They’ll be strutting their stuff in the low to mid-80s, while the lows take a leisurely stroll in the 60s.

Now, let’s talk about next week. A cold front is rolling into Alabama on Monday, bringing clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two. Brace yourself for a weather showdown—some parts of the Tennessee Valley might be sipping sweet tea in the 40s, while the southern counties are still soaking in the 80s.

As we hit Tuesday and Wednesday, the whole of Alabama will be feeling the chill. Highs will be doing a nosedive into the 50s up north, with the southern counties keeping it cool in the 60s. Lows? Well, they’ll be flirting with the 30s over in North/Central Alabama come Wednesday and Thursday morning. And for some lucky spots, it might just be the season’s first freeze. As for rain? Right now, the forecast is as dry as a biscuit left out in the sun. Check out the video briefing for all the nitty-gritty details, maps, and graphics.

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Now, let’s talk Friday night lights. High school games across Alabama are in for a clear sky treat tomorrow night. Temperatures will be dipping from the mid-70s at kickoff to the upper 60s by the quarter. Perfect football weather,

Heading to Birmingham for Saturday’s Magic City Classic (Alabama State vs Alabama A&M, 2:30p CT kickoff at Legion Field)? Expect a sky showing off its partly to mostly sunny vibes, with temperatures dancing in the low to mid-80s. It’s going to be one warm October afternoon.

And for Auburn hosting Mississippi State (2:30p CT kickoff) at Jordan Hare Stadium—dry and warm is the name of the game. Temperatures will be strutting their stuff in the 81-84 degree range for most of the showdown. The sky? Mostly sunny, just the way we like it.

Now, let’s glance at the tropics. Tammy, in the Atlantic about 390 miles east/southeast of Bermuda, has traded its tropical vibes for something a bit more extratropical. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has given its last word on Tammy, and the rest of the Atlantic basin? Well, it’s as quiet as a catfish in a sleepy creek.

Our Reader’s Queries

What is the coldest month in Alabama?

January is typically the chilliest month, but there isn’t a significant variation from mid-December to mid-February. Winters, in general, are quite gentle. Even during cold snaps, it’s rare for the temperature to stay below freezing all day.

What is Alabama weather like year round?

The state experiences an average annual temperature of 64 °F (18 °C). The southern part is generally warmer due to its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, while the northern areas, particularly in the Appalachian Mountains in the northeast, tend to be a bit cooler.

What are winters like in Alabama?

In mild winters, brief but intense cold waves can occur, especially in the northern region. Temperatures typically reach -12/-13 °C (8/10 °F) in the north and -6/-7 °C (19/21 °F) in the south during the coldest days of the year.

Does Alabama have four seasons?

Alabama sits in the Humid Subtropical region, according to the Koppen classification system. The state experiences gentle winters, scorching summers, and consistent rainfall throughout the year.