Alabama Power Surge: Colbert Combustion Turbines Pave the Way for Cleaner Energy Future

Alabama Power Surge: The Tennessee Valley Authority proudly announces the full functionality of the Colbert Combustion Turbines, now actively contributing to a greener energy landscape.

Although these turbines commenced operations at the close of July, the impact on economic growth within the past three months has been monumental. Jeff Lyash, President and Chief Executive Officer of TVA, expressed that power systems like the Colbert Combustion Turbines are instrumental in paving the way to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Despite the $500 million investment in these three new turbines, their combined output of approximately 750 megawatts is a significant stride, capable of powering around 400 thousand homes in the Tennessee Valley.

Lyash emphasized the multifaceted benefits of this addition, stating, “This is another example of investing capital, creating jobs, improving reliability, and enhancing the clean energy that we all need.”

Beyond contributing to the reduction of strain on the power grid, particularly during extreme weather conditions, this addition aids TVA in decreasing its fossil fuel emissions. Lyash highlighted the cleaner burn of natural gas compared to coal, noting that TVA has retired about 65% of its coal infrastructure and the remaining coal plants are utilizing energy more efficiently.

In alignment with broader environmental goals, Lyash revealed TVA’s ambition to completely phase out coal usage for power by 2035. The Colbert Combustion Turbine Plant, which initially had eight operational turbines, welcomed three new additions as part of an expansion project. According to Lyash, this expansion is likely to continue in the future.

Alabama Power Surge

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“We’re growing across the Tennessee Valley,” Lyash remarked. “We’re growing here in North Alabama. And that kind of growth requires a lot more reliable, affordable, resilient, and clean electricity to fuel it. You’re in a great part of the transmission system. There’s a good gas supply here. And so there is the possibility that down the road that we could add more of this type of unit or that we could add additional features to these units that would increase their capacity.”

While officials acknowledge that there is ongoing work on the turbine and room for expansion, the Colbert Combustion Turbines stand as a testament to TVA’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Our Reader’s Queries

Has Alabama Power rates gone up?

Alabama Power Company has revealed its third rate hike of the year. Starting in January, the typical homeowner using around 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month can expect to see an increase of approximately $6.81 on their bill.

What state is most likely to have a power outage?

Michigan ranks as the top state for power outages in the US. Surprisingly, it has the highest outages per capita compared to other states. Another Midwest state, Ohio, also makes it to the top five. New York, Texas, and California complete the list, with California taking the number one spot.

Is a power surge an outage?

A power outage is when the electricity goes out, while a power surge is when the voltage goes up. During a power surge, your electronics and appliances might flicker on and off. But during a power outage, they could stay off for a long time.

Can Alabama Power cut off service?

After a customer’s account is late, the Utility must notify the customer in writing at least five days before shutting off their service for unpaid bills. This includes any additional bills that are also late.