Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Faces Crucial Decision: on License Rescindment

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission: The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) faces a critical decision in its Thursday meeting: whether to rescind previously granted cannabis business licenses.

Potential actions include revoking all August-awarded licenses or focusing on categories with more applicants than available licenses—integrated facility, cultivator, processor, dispensary, secure transporter, and state testing laboratory.

A temporary restraining order (TRO) currently limits AMCC’s actions due to a lawsuit from companies denied licenses in the prior two rounds. Brittany Peters, an AMCC spokeswoman, stated that the Commission sought the court’s guidance on permissible actions under the TRO.

Will Somerville, an attorney for Alabama Always, urged AMCC members to reject using a scoring system for the next awards, claiming prejudice against integrated facility applicants. Integrated facility licenses, allowing diverse cannabis operations, are highly sought after.

In a letter, Somerville stressed the potential for endless litigation if scores were continued, expressing disappointment in the lack of response to suggestions made over a month ago to Commissioner’s counsel.

Some officials representing companies that received licenses in the first two rounds defended the AMCC’s evaluation process, suggesting complaints were due to their low scores compared to other applicants.

Oliver Washington IV, CEO of Southeast Cannabis Company, a successful integrated facility applicant, praised the Commission’s effort to move the cannabis process forward for patients. He supported the recommendation to allow uncontested licenses to move forward, deeming it reasonable and in the best interests of Alabama’s citizens. Washington criticized Alabama Always for focusing on delaying and overturning the process rather than considering the greater needs of patients.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who got cannabis license in Alabama?

Trulieve AL, Inc., Sustainable Alabama, LLC, Wagon Trail Med-Serv, LLC, Flowerwood Medical Cannabis, LLC, and Specialty Medical Products of Alabama have been selected as integrated facility applicants. Their hard work and dedication during the licensing process is greatly appreciated.

Who regulates cannabis in Alabama?

The Department of Agriculture and Industries will oversee the licensing and regulation of cannabis cultivation.

Is Georgia approved for medical Marijuanas?

Georgia’s legislation on medical marijuana permits specific individuals to lawfully hold up to 20 fluid ounces of “low THC oil,” which originates from the cannabis plant.