Alabama Chanin in Florence to Transition into a Nonprofit Organization

Alabama Chanin in Florence: In a groundbreaking move, our very own Natalie Chanin, the creative force behind Alabama Chanin and The School of Making, has decided to gift these gems to Project Threadways, the 501(c)(3) she birthed to unravel the tales of history, community, and power woven into the fabric of fashion and textiles.

Dive deep into the heart of these three iconic Alabama brands and catch a glimpse of their future.

About Alabama Chanin, The School of Making, and Project Threadways

Before she lit up the fashion scene, Natalie Chanin traded the New York City hustle for the sweet Southern breeze of her hometown, Florence. There, she birthed Alabama Chanin, a fashion haven that weaves textiles and style with a commitment to sustainability, artisanal craft, organic supply chains, and local manufacturing.

And that’s not all—Natalie planted two more seeds in Florence’s fertile soil:

The School of Making: A hub for workshops, conversations, and experiences diving into creativity, craft, and design. It’s all about preserving culture and educating the next wave.

Project Threadways: A non-profit storyteller, documenting and interpreting the tales of history, community, and power through the captivating lens of fashion and textiles. From raw threads to finished masterpieces, they’re on a mission to unfold the impact of textiles on our community, nation, and beyond.

Alabama Chanin in Florence

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Becoming One Nonprofit

To safeguard the essence of these brands, Natalie Chanin is handing over the reins of Alabama Chanin and The School of Making to Project Threadways. Nestled under Project Threadways’ nurturing wings, they’re embracing a non-profit journey, preserving the rich tapestry of their past, present, and future—all while staying true to Chanin’s values of sustainability.

And there’s more! Natalie plans to breathe new life into a downtown Florence building, crafting an education haven and workshop, amplifying her impact on the Florence community.

Curious to witness the evolution of Alabama Chanin, The School of Making, and Project Threadways? Take a stroll through their digital home at

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