Alabama Bar Faces ALEA Scrutiny: After Minors Arrests

Alabama Bar Faces ALEA Scrutiny: In Mobile, Alabama, Special Agents from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s State Bureau of Investigation paid a visit to a well-known bar on Thursday night. Twenty individuals, aged 18 to 20, were apprehended for underage alcohol-related offenses near the 7000 block of Tanner Williams Road and booked into Metro Jail.

Speculation on social media pointed to Troubadours Country Saloon as the site of the incident. WKRG News 5 contacted Troubadours’ owner, Chris Sherman, who confirmed that the arrested minors were from his 18 and older establishment. However, Sherman emphasized that the party had already begun before they entered the bar.

Troubadours underwent a routine walk-through by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverages Control Board (ABC), revealing underage individuals. Sherman clarified that none of those arrested had been drinking inside Troubadours; instead, they had consumed alcohol before arriving.

According to Sherman, some minors presented fake IDs, which even the ABC found challenging to identify. He asserted that Troubadours did not receive any tickets or warnings, emphasizing their commitment to preventing underage drinking with rigorous security measures and responsible vendor training for staff. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has not yet confirmed this information.

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