AirMed International Celebrates 20 Years: of Lifesaving Air Medical Care

AirMed International Celebrates 20 Years: Air ambulance company AirMed International marks its two decades of service this year. Founded in 2003 by Jeffrey Tolbert in Birmingham, Alabama, it originated from Tolbert’s background in the air medical industry, where he transported organs for transplant patients. Recognizing the need for international air ambulance services and membership, Tolbert established AirMed.

Over the past two decades, AirMed has expanded in size and scale, retaining many of Tolbert’s original employees. It is now a part of the Global Medical Response family of companies.

Denise Treadwell, President of AirMed, acknowledges the significance of the 20th anniversary, especially considering the challenges faced by their teams in providing international air medical care during a global pandemic. Despite uncertainties, the organization’s legacy of outstanding service and unparalleled clinical care persists. Treadwell expresses pride in the accomplishments and looks forward to the future, aiming to enhance services through strategic growth, innovation, and dedication.

Brandon Bates, Senior Director of Global Strategy and Partner Relations for AirMed, highlights the honor of recognizing two decades of providing high-quality patient care globally. He credits the dedication of extraordinary people and partners for enabling AirMed to deliver lifesaving care to over 25,000 patients in more than 150 countries worldwide.

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