Wildfires Continue in Central Alabama: Amidst Unrelenting Drought

Wildfires Continue in Central Alabama: Heavy smoke from a wildfire shrouded a stretch of Daniel Payne Drive near Acipco Industrial Drive in Birmingham on Thursday afternoon. This brush fire is one of several wildfires across central Alabama in recent weeks due to persistent drought conditions.

Around 4:30 p.m., fire breaks were cut in around Daniel Payne Drive with assistance from the Alabama Forestry Commission to backburn to the origin of the fire.

Birmingham Fire reported no impact on buildings or injuries. While the cause remains unknown, it could have been triggered by various factors such as a vehicle dragging a chain, sparks from something on the road, or even a discarded cigarette butt.

Cahaba Valley Fire and Rescue, though not responding to fires themselves, noted that three neighboring departments were battling wildfires on the same afternoon.

Due to the lack of rain and low humidity in the area, conditions are ripe for fires to ignite and spread rapidly.

“With the dry conditions we have now and wind conditions, it can go from a small, what could seem like a small debris trash fire up to a couple of acres in just a matter of 15 minutes or so,” cautioned Cahaba Valley Fire and Rescue Captain Russ Bradley.

Firefighters emphasize the importance of caution during this fire alert, urging people to be extra careful when disposing of cigarette butts or using fire pits.

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