Wild Weather Whips Alabama Beaches: Surging Surf and Blustery Winds Take Center Stage in Orange Beach

Wild Weather Whips Alabama Beaches: Down in Orange Beach, November 15, 2023, brought another wild day on the Gulf Coast. Relentless wind and rain stirred up the surf, with red flags waving for the second day. The much-needed rain was embraced, but the fierce winds made Alabama’s beaches a spectacle.

Despite the light rain in Orange Beach, the gusty winds, courtesy of a Gulf of Mexico low-pressure system, created a mesmerizing coastal scene. Chief Brett Lesinger, overseeing Beach Safety, shared insights.

“These are our early wintertime swells, so we’ll get bigger surf in the winter,” Lesinger explained. “Nobody’s braved the surf today; it’s blown out from the wind, but the waves are pretty big.”

Just as Lesinger spoke, an adventurous soul took on the challenge for paddle boarding. A short-lived adventure, indeed.

For others, stepping onto the beach was excitement enough, soaking in Mother Nature’s display. Michael Thompson captured the moment with his camera.

“Oh, there’s big waves out there today. It’s nice. I come out here and take pictures all the time,” Thompson said. “I like it with this temperature just as much as I like it during the summertime. Sometimes, it’s a lot better walk on the beach, just like it is right now.”

With the lingering cold wind, rain, and clouds, lifeguards aren’t overly concerned about beachgoers, except for surfers. Red flags will fly for the day and likely tomorrow, with Friday having a fifty-fifty shot. As the surf calms, Lesinger warns of potential rip currents.

When the sun returns, swimmers should exercise caution, as there’s limited lifeguard presence this time of year. Lesinger emphasizes taking necessary precautions for a safe beach experience.

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