Vaping Challenges in San Antonio Schools: Impact of Smoking Ban

Vaping Challenges in San Antonio Schools: Due to a new law banning smoking in schools, San Antonio’s central school districts face challenges.

Dr. John Kraft, in charge of Northside ISD, knows the problem’s prevalence. He says THC smoking is a big problem on campuses as cases have more than doubled since last year.

In the 2022-2023 school year, Northside ISD had 1,434 disciplinary meetings for THC vaping. This was out of a total of 1,764 cases. During the 2020–21 school year, 731 meetings about vaping with THC were held. Kraft attributed this to higher vaping product usage and accessibility in the neighbourhood.

This is a problem everywhere. North East ISD, with 666 THC-related punishment conferences out of 1,482 this school year, also struggles with increased student vaping.

House Bill 114, a new law punishing vaping on school grounds, regardless of the drug, may result in more vaping hearings. The student count may exceed the capacity for existing alternative education programs, posing a significant issue.

Northside ISD will address this issue with a new academy for first-time offenders. This project ensures law compliance while keeping students in their original schools. It provides instruction and help to students without requiring campus relocation.

Parents and kids have been informed by North East ISD and Northside ISD about steps to combat smoking and its associated health and behavioural risks.

Northside ISD will host a community safety conference on vaping with law enforcement speakers. The event will discuss fentanyl dangers, providing helpful information to locals.