Up Late at Vivian Theatre Brings Retro Cool: to Former Martin Theatre in Florence

Up Late at Vivian Theatre Brings Retro Cool: Florence, Alabama, is stepping back in time with the revival of Vivian Theatre, now transformed into Up Late—a ’70s and ’80s-inspired venue. This blast from the past is not just a theatre but also a cocktail bar, dance club, and a hotspot for concerts and events. Let’s dive into the details!

About Up Late at Vivian Theatre

Flashback to 1970 when the Shoals witnessed the grand opening of Martin Theatre—the first fully-automated theater in the region. Fast forward to 1988, and this cinematic haven for locals screening iconic films closed its doors. After various businesses took residence, the space was left abandoned.

But in 2022, a revival unfolded. The theater was reborn as the Vivian Theatre, with a restoration project in full swing, even boasting a handmade disco ball by Yolanda Baker, a personality featured on Oprah.

Today, the Vivian Theatre is more than a mere cinema; it’s the vibrant Up Late at Vivian Theatre—a unique mixology cocktail bar, club, and venue paying homage to the ’70s and ’80s, the golden era of Martin Theatre.

Where you can find Up Late at Vivian Theatre

Stay tuned to Up Late’s social media channels for the freshest updates on events and operating hours. They’ve already rocked the house with live beats from DJ High Life and DJ Romero, not to mention a spooktacular Halloween Night featuring horror flicks and costume contests. And guess what? The party’s just getting started!

  • Location: 1816 Darby Dr, Florence, AL 35630

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