University of North Alabama Introduces New Transportation: Option for Students

University of North Alabama Introduces New Transportation: UNA students now have a sleek and sustainable way to navigate campus, thanks to the partnership with Slider and the introduction of three Teslas for student transportation. The university is piloting this initiative on a semester-by-semester basis to assess its impact on students.

Green and Efficient Transportation, This collaboration aligns with UNA’s commitment to environmental responsibility, aiming to provide a more eco-friendly mode of transportation. University officials anticipate that the service will not only be environmentally friendly but also significantly reduce students’ commuting time across campus.

Surprise Ride with President Dr. Ken Kitts, The debut day was not just about introducing a new mode of transport; it was an immersive experience. UNA President Dr. Ken Kitts and his wife Dena surprised students by taking the wheel, creating an opportunity for relaxed and enjoyable interactions.

Engaging Experience with Trivia and Music Beyond a simple ride, the transportation service kicked off with trivia sessions, prize distributions, and a specially curated playlist by Dr. Kitts and his wife. This personalized touch aimed to make the experience interactive and enjoyable for the students.

University of North Alabama Introduces New Transportation

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Accessibility for All Students, Especially Internationals For students like Aranzxa Vasquez, who doesn’t have a car as an international student, this service is a game-changer. Vasquez expressed gratitude for the accessibility provided by the transportation service, emphasizing its significance for students attending classes or reaching various destinations on campus.

Affordable and Secure Students can sign up for the app by paying a one-dollar fee, and all subsequent rides are free. Limited to students, the app requires the input of their identification number, ensuring both affordability and an added layer of safety.

This innovative approach not only addresses transportation needs but also creates an enjoyable and eco-conscious campus experience for UNA students.