UNA Introduces Eco-friendly Transportation System for Students

UNA Introduces Eco-friendly Transportation System: In the heart of Florence, Alabama, the University of North Alabama (UNA) is shaking things up with a brand-new ride for its students. Say goodbye to the bus and hello to Tesla!

UNA has teamed up with Slidr, bringing an on-demand, eco-friendly option right onto the campus scene.

Why the switch? Well, it turns out maintaining the old bus service was a bit of a challenge, especially navigating the small nooks and crannies of campus. This fresh partnership with Slidr aims to make zipping around a breeze.

President Kenneth Kitts shared, “We’re always looking to ease our students’ orientation to UNA and help them with transportation around town. Some have cars, some don’t. We have a lot of international students who might not have transportation, so the more good options we can provide our students, the better.”

Picture this: a quick five-minute ride in a sleek Tesla. And here’s the kicker—the cost? Well, Slidr’s picking up the tab during the pilot program. No need for students to reach into their pockets.

For those sans car, it’s a game-changer. Arantxda Vasquez Herrero, a UNA student, is excited to use the service for grocery runs and saving time on the way to class.

And for those steering their own wheels, Averies Yeager chimes in, “It’s hard to find a parking spot on campus, so just having [the service] available would be so nice.”

Operating from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, the fixed-route service covers key spots, from residence halls to scenic apartments.

Want to hop on the Tesla train? Just download the Slidr app for a dollar, and the ride is on the house. As the transportation program cruises through its pilot phase, UNA will decide if more vehicles are in the cards or if this service is here to stay.