Tuberville Pushes for Floor Vote on No. 2: Marine Leader Amid Commandant Hospitalization

Tuberville Pushes for Floor Vote on No. 2: WASHINGTON -Senator Tommy Tuberville, known for blocking military promotions in protest of a Pentagon abortion policy, is set to bring Lt. Gen. Christopher Mahoney’s nomination for the U.S. Marines Corps’ assistant commandant to a floor vote. This move comes after the Corps’ top leader, Gen. Eric M. Smith, faced a health emergency. Tuberville, a Republican, gathered the necessary petition signatures, aiming for a vote as soon as Thursday.

Tuberville’s actions have led to 378 blocked nominees, potentially rising to 650 by year-end. Senators Jack Reed and Kyrsten Sinema are considering a proposal to bypass Tuberville’s holds and allow promotions to be voted on collectively. Details of the proposal are pending.

Gen. Smith’s health condition remains undisclosed due to his family’s wishes for privacy. Tuberville, who also serves on the Armed Services Committee, previously pursued a similar effort to force individual votes for top military nominees.

The delayed promotions, warned Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, pose a threat to national security. Tuberville’s protest is linked to the Pentagon’s abortion policy, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on abortion rights in 2022. The policy allows service members to receive support for abortions in areas where it remains legal.

Tuberville contends the policy is illegal, a claim refuted by the Pentagon and the Biden administration. The impending floor vote reflects the ongoing tension surrounding military nominations and policy disagreements.

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