Triumph Gulf Coast Grants Bring Hope: Northwest Florida Schools Seeking BP Settlement Funds

Triumph Gulf Coast Grants Bring Hope: Escambia County, Fla. The Triumph Gulf Coast board is sharing funds, and local schools are eager to tap into BP settlement resources.

This Monday, several Northwest Florida school districts are vying for a slice of the funds.

the applications from our school districts. Requests totaling over $20 million are on the table.

These funds are earmarked for the Center for Career and Technical Education and expanding programs.

On the Triumph Gulf Coast , identified three applications from our school districts under consideration, one from Santa Rosa County District Schools seeking $9 million.

Charlin Knight, the director of Workforce and Adult Education, highlights that Triumph funds open doors for school programs to grow.

“We have funding for curriculum and testing for students, but what we lack in career and technical education is funds for facilities and additional space. This allows us to turn our dreams into reality,” said Knight.

Warrington Prep secured over $7 million in Triumph money.

A Triumph board member about why funds weren’t allocated to other schools.

“We would love to allocate it to other schools, Brent, and quite frankly, that’s why my hat’s off to the chairman. He went to the school district and pleaded with them to come and get the money,” explained the board member.

Okaloosa County District Schools also submitted two applications to the board—one for over $2 million and another for over $8 million.

Applications from Escambia County Public Schools

Triumph Gulf Coast Grants Bring Hope

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A school official informed  that the district had applied in the past, but it didn’t pan out.

“We have been searching for the right fit, and we believe we have found some projects that will be a good fit. We’re continuing to work with the Triumph board now to hopefully secure some of those funds in the very near future,” said Steven Harrell, Escambia County Public Schools director of workforce education.

Santa Rosa County School District anticipates a final decision on its application in December.

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