Trespassers at Limestone Prison: Alabama Duo Faces Charges, Contraband Seized

Trespassers at Limestone Prison: Two individuals found themselves in legal trouble on Sunday night after trespassing onto the property of Limestone Correctional Facility in Limestone County, Alabama.

Around 9:22 p.m., K-9 personnel stationed at the prison received an alert about a potential trespasser on the premises, as reported by the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC).

The suspects, later identified as Dearis Whittaker and Mar’dae Dowdell, were sighted and pursued by K-9 officers.

The first suspect, Whittaker, was swiftly detained, while the search continued for the second suspect and any contraband they may have left on the property. The second suspect, Dowdell, and the alleged contraband were located shortly thereafter.

ADOC revealed that the contraband, including one black backpack containing six packages and another red backpack containing five packages, was screened, photographed, and processed as evidence. The packages were wrapped in tape and believed to contain various drugs, narcotics, and cell phones.

Limestone County deputies transported Whittaker and Dowdell to the Limestone County Detention Center. Both individuals are facing charges of Trespassing About Prisons and Promoting Prison Contraband 1st Degree.

ADOC emphasized that the investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be pending.

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