Travis Scott Faces Marathon Deposition: in Astroworld Lawsuits: Legal Marathon Unveils Key Details

Travis Scott Faces Marathon Deposition: Travis Scott, a rapper, endured an 8-hour civil interview in Houston during a legal process. This interview was necessary for the Astroworld festival incident lawsuits.

Victims started many cases. Travis Scott helped with legal matters despite no wrongdoing found by government probes.

The rapper’s lawyer is annoyed by media attention despite Scott being cleared by investigations. Travis Scott’s interview is part of the court process, per his rep, Ted Anastasiou. The media keeps focusing on him despite no wrongdoing from government reviews.

Travis Scott was not charged after the Houston Police investigation. In June, a grand jury cleared this person and five others of wrongdoing at the fatal show. Despite the result, the Houston Police Department hasn’t shared its findings with the public.

In July, the police released a 1,235-page report. Event workers raised safety concerns that could lead to deaths. The information included a police conversation with Travis Scott 2 days after the show. Scott mentioned one person receiving medical assistance near the stage. Still, most of the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves without significant issues.

During Travis Scott’s November 5, 2021, show, a crowd rush at Astroworld caused ten deaths. The victims, aged 9 to 27, died from compression inhalation, like being crushed by a car. Crowd disasters happen worldwide, from English stadiums to the Hajj in Saudi Arabia to Halloween parties in South Korea.

Travis Scott’s deposition is crucial in the court case. The judge set the first trial on May 6, 2024. The test will occur about 2 years and 6 months after the show. Many people sue. In April, there were over 1,500 active cases, as reported. 992 are physical accidents, and 313 are emotional pain and mental anguish. 17 ortho surgeries done, 21 more recommended

Travis Scott’s deposition coincided with Drake‘s show; both were involved in legal battles over the Astroworld event.

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