Tiny House Airbnb Subdivision: in Baldwin County Sparks Interest

Tiny House Airbnb Subdivision: Exciting developments may be on the horizon for the Silverhill area in Baldwin County, with plans for a unique subdivision of “tiny house” short-term rentals. If approved, this venture would be a pioneering addition to Baldwin County’s real estate landscape.

Woodpecker Landing The proposed development, known as Woodpecker Landing, comprises 15 lots off County Road 54, situated between Silverhill and Robertsdale. Rather than selling individual lots, the owner, identified as Mike Ohayon in property records, envisions the creation of “tiny houses” designed for short-term rentals.

Planning Commission Approval The Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Commission has already given its approval to the innovative plan earlier this month, marking a significant step forward. This indicates a positive reception for the concept of introducing compact, short-term rental options to the region.

Owner’s Initial Intentions, According to Randy Arp of L.E. Stiffler Engineering, the engineer associated with the project, Mike Ohayon originally acquired the property south of the planned development as a buffer. Initially considering an RV park, Ohayon’s plans evolved after discussions with planning and zoning staff, leading to the current proposal for a planned residential development featuring tiny houses for short-term rentals.

The upcoming consideration by the Baldwin County Commission signals a potential shift in the local real estate market, offering a unique and alternative housing option for those seeking short-term accommodations in the Silverhill area.

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