Surge in San Antonio Police Shootings Raises Concerns: Examining Recent Incidents and City Response

Surge in San Antonio Police Shootings Raises Concerns: In San Antonio, a police officer shot someone, leading to the placement of crime scene tape. The killing happened at a south city apartment.

Chief McManus stated that a 46-year-old man was shot and killed by a police officer wielding a knife. The man refused to give up his gun, escalating the situation and forcing the police officer to use deadly force.

The cop’s name was Joshua Bagley. He was a San Antonio cop for 3 years.

The SAPD says it was the 10th officer-involved shooting in 2023.

Since Aug 30, four people spoke to San Antonio police and ended up together. Five people were killed by police in 2022. We now know it’s a significant change.

These numbers show excessive police presence, violence, and killings. Ananda Tomas, founder of Act 4 SA, believes police issues are not limited to distant cities. They’re happening in San Antonio.

Tomas worries that adding 105 police officers to the budget may raise police-related deaths due to increased risk encounters.

We tried to interview the San Antonio Police Department. Still, no one was available to discuss the rise in police-involved killings or their plans to address it.

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