Steve Perkins Fatal Shooting Tragedy: Police Chief Acknowledge Policy Breach

Steve Perkins Fatal Shooting Tragedy: Decatur, Alabama – In a recent statement, Police Chief Todd Pinion expressed his belief that departmental policies were breached in the fatal shooting of Steve Perkins. The incident occurred on September 29, during a dispute with a tow truck driver attempting to repossess Perkins’ truck.

The department’s initial account claimed officers were responding to a call from the tow truck driver, reporting a gun being pulled by the homeowner. According to police, Perkins later threatened the driver and turned the gun toward an officer, justifying the use of lethal force. Perkins’ family contested this version of events.

Chief Pinion, in his statement, mentioned completing an internal investigation, finding reasons to believe that policies were violated. The findings were forwarded to the Legal Department and outside counsel for the formal discipline process. The city’s mayor will conduct a review to determine the extent of discipline. The involved officer remains on administrative leave, with the officer’s identity undisclosed.

Surveillance footage from a neighbor’s home captured the incident, showing the tow truck backing into the driveway, an officer shouting commands, and rapid gunfire. Body-camera footage from officers has not been released.

An attorney representing the Perkins family stated that Steve Perkins seemed unaware of the officers’ presence before the gunfire. The family emphasized that the truck payments were up to date, questioning the need for repossession.

Perkins’ brother, Nick Perkins, expressed a slight sense of relief at the acknowledgment of policy violations but criticized the lengthy investigation, citing available video evidence.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is overseeing the investigation, recognizing the painful chapter for Decatur and acknowledging that healing may not occur until all relevant information is made public, policy and state law violations are determined, and potential litigation is resolved.

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