Statewide Burn Ban Enforced in Alabama: due to Heightened Wildfire Risk

Statewide Burn Ban Enforced in Alabama: Governor Kay Ivey has issued a statewide Drought Emergency Declaration, commonly known as a ‘No Burn Order,’ for Alabama. The order, effective from November 9, 2023, at 8:00 a.m. Central Standard Time, prohibits all outdoor burning in the state due to the extremely dry conditions, increasing the risk of dangerous wildfires.

Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) firefighters have responded to 352 wildfires, covering 3,199 acres across the state, since the issuance of the statewide Fire Alert on October 24. The lack of precipitation and heightened probability of fuel ignition necessitated the burning restrictions.

State Forester Rick Oates emphasized the importance of these measures, citing the increased number and size of wildfires in the past month. The prolonged drought has created conditions where any outdoor fire can quickly spiral out of control, requiring more resources to contain. Despite a predicted small amount of rain, it is unlikely to significantly reduce the wildfire danger.

The Drought Emergency Declaration will remain in effect until conditions change sufficiently to reduce the occurrence and frequency of wildfires. To report violations of the burning restrictions, citizens are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement. For updates on the current wildfire situation in the state,

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