Spring Hill and Tuskegee Most Beautiful Campuses in the South

Spring Hill and Tuskegee: Spring Hill College and Tuskegee University, hailed by Southern Living for their stunning campuses, stand out as Alabama’s representatives on the list of 45 remarkable Southern schools.

Spring Hill College Shines: Alabama’s oldest college, Spring Hill, claimed the top spot, surpassing peers like Hendrix College (Arkansas), University of Georgia, and Flagler College (Florida). Southern Living highlights the campus’s unique charm, making it the best in the region.

“The Avenue of the Oaks is one of the first things to draw prospective students here, and it’s also one of the last memories they’ll take with them when they go. Each year, graduates sit among towering trees and rows of pink azaleas, as they face a commencement stage in front of Stewartfield, a white Greek Revival home. During students’ tenures at this liberal arts school—the Southeast’s oldest Catholic college—they hang out at Rydex Commons, a circular green space facing the library and the exquisite St. Joseph Chapel. You can experience the natural splendor of a South Alabama landscape all over campus.”

Tuskegee University’s Historic Beauty: Steeped in history, Tuskegee University, once home to Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver, earned the 11th spot. Recognized as a National Historic Site since 1974, the university garnered praise from Southern Living for its rich heritage and even hosted a visit from the renowned Lionel Richie.

Spring Hill and Tuskegee

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“This Historically Black College was the first to be registered as a National Historic Landmark, and its beauty matches its historic significance. Each beautiful building is steeped in rich history, adding to their appeal, and the rural locale promises sweeping greenery. In addition to its history and beauty, Tuskegee is known for its admirable alumni network including the majority of African-American aerospace engineers and veterinarians.”

Distinguished Company: Spring Hill and Tuskegee share the spotlight with prestigious institutions like Tulane University, University of Mississippi, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University, Fisk University, Furman University, University of Virginia, University of the South, and Rice University.

These schools, recognized for their architectural and natural beauty, contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Southern education.