Sports and Imports Owner Arrested in Alabama, Facing Fraud Charges

Sports and Imports Owner Arrested in Alabama: Looks like there’s a bit of a situation down in Columbus, Georgia. Sama Moore, the owner of Sports and Imports, has found herself in a tight spot. Seems like the Columbus Police Department has been keeping a close eye on her, and now she’s been arrested in Alabama, facing fraud charges.

The whole saga started in the spring when folks started whispering about some shady dealings at Sports and Imports. Now, it’s turned into a full-blown investigation with 21 reports of fraud. The Columbus Police Property Crimes Unit has been on the case, and during a search of the place in October, they uncovered a whopping total loss of $819,052.77. That’s no small change!

Apparently, Sports and Imports was playing with people’s cars like they were clothes on a consignment rack. Some cars got sold without the owners’ final say-so, and the money from those sales? Well, it didn’t exactly find its way back to the rightful owners. Signatures were forged, bank accounts were opened, and checks were bouncing all over the place. It’s like a real-life drama down there.

Sgt. Jane Edenfield, the lead investigator, spilled the beans, saying, “It’s a variety of issues.” No kidding!

Now, Sama Moore is in the custody of the good folks in Lee County, Alabama. She’s facing charges like identity fraud, theft, forgery, and more. It’s a laundry list of legal troubles. The investigation is still unfolding, and there might be more victims coming out of the woodwork. The saga continues, and we’ll be keeping an eye on it. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this Southern legal drama.

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