Sheffield Elementary Launches Aluminum: for Aluminum’ Initiative

Sheffield Elementary Launches Aluminum: In Sheffield, Alabama (WAFF) – L.E. Willson Elementary School is reaching out to the community for their aluminum cans.

Dubbed “Aluminum for Aluminum,” the campaign aims to gather enough cans to upgrade the gym’s bleachers. The ambitious goal is to collect one million cans. Principal Jill Johnson highlighted that the current wooden bleachers, likely as old as the school itself, are no longer functional—they simply sit there, gathering dust.

Notably, L.E. Willson is the sole school in Alabama chosen to participate in the Scrap University Kids program. The school with the highest can collection stands a chance to win $3000, in addition to what they’ll receive for turning in one million cans. During the months of November and April, Scrap University will match the funds raised from the cans.

Principal Johnson emphasized the educational aspect for the children, teaching them about environmental responsibility and recycling. Beyond the lessons, having functional bleachers in the gym is crucial for school-wide community activities.

You can contribute by donating cans on Wednesdays at the school or dropping them off at an SA Recycling location, mentioning they are for L.E. Willson. The drive concludes in May.

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