SAISD School Closure Concerns: Parents Students and Staff Advocate for Solutions Amid ‘Rightsizing’ Proposal

SAISD School Closure Concerns: Parents, students, and staff in SAISD are concerned about the potential closure of 19 campuses and want to maintain school operations. The district’s “rightsizing” resolution has received positive feedback. Those affected by possible closures are concerned due to declining enrollment.

At talks on Monday and Tuesday, people complained about the situation. Others questioned the district’s decision to close schools without exploring alternative options. A parent at Lamar Elementary School said it was like cutting off a leg when a less invasive answer would have worked.

Students’ ideas were considered. One child at Lamar Elementary said their school was perfect. At the same time, another mentioned the impact of school closure on the neighbourhood.

Teachers emphasized the importance of maintaining a familial atmosphere in schools.

People wondered about the fate of bond money allocated for potential school closures. Residents questioned community desires and spending decisions.

As part of SAISD’s $1.2 billion bond package passed in 2020, $179 million was allocated to affected schools. District representatives clarified that only a tiny portion of the money had been spent, mostly on evaluations and polls for future decision-making. If approved, there are no plans to sell district buildings.

Schools with increased staff and enrollment will have their buildings inspected with the remaining bond money. SAISD aims to upgrade facilities to modern standards. The district will hold over 20 public meetings before the school board’s final decision on November 13. This is part of its ongoing effort to gather community feedback.