Orange Beach Breaks Ground on State of the Art: $46 Million Athletic Facility for Middle and High School

Orange Beach Breaks Ground on State of the Art: In an exciting development for Orange Beach, officials marked the beginning of a groundbreaking $46 million athletic facility project for Orange Beach Middle & High School. The ceremony, attended by Senator Chris Elliot and Mayor Tony Kennon, celebrated the significant investment in the city’s educational and athletic infrastructure.

Senator Elliot expressed admiration for the students, calling them the “luckiest kids in the state of Alabama.” Mayor Kennon highlighted the rarity of such a venture, emphasizing that Orange Beach is uniquely positioned to undertake a project of this scale.

The expansive nine-acre site will house the state-of-the-art athletic facility, featuring innovative elements such as a hanging scoreboard in the gymnasium and a dedicated space for cheerleading. The $46 million project is expected to utilize almost every inch of the allocated land.

Superintendent Randy Wilkes conveyed the positive impact of the new facilities on students, noting that the groundbreaking marked the moment when the potential benefits became clear. The entire process, from accepting bids to unanimous approval by the Orange Beach City Council, has been a testament to the community’s commitment to educational excellence.

Construction is anticipated to last approximately 18 months, with hopes of completing the project ahead of schedule. This investment follows the completion of a new performing arts center for the school in 2021, showcasing Orange Beach’s dedication to fostering a well-rounded and enriched learning environment for its students.

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