Neighbors in Mobile County Express Displeasure: as Convicted Drug: Dealer Fails to Report to Federal Prison

Neighbors in Mobile County Express Displeasure: Folks in Mobile, Alabama, are pretty upset that Paul Kyles, a convicted drug dealer and accused animal abuser, has been roaming free for months, dodging his federal prison reporting. Last year, Kyles, 48, got nabbed for animal abuse, with dogs at his Hunters Ridge Road crib allegedly used in dog fighting. In May, he copped a guilty plea in federal court for dealing cocaine and toting a gun in the drug trade. The neighbors can’t figure out why he’s not in the slammer.

Leah Felderman, the owner of the property next door, vents, “He’s still living it up, hitting parties, throwing bashes at his place like nothing’s changed.”

Judge Kristi Dubose slammed Kyles with a 10-year federal prison sentence back in August. But here’s the twist – the judge let him chill at home while the U.S. Marshals sorted out where he’d be serving his time, according to attorney Megan Allgood.

Allgood, who represented Kyles, managed to snag delays in his prison reporting, and the reasons? Well, those are sealed. When asked about it, Allgood hinted, “Private reasons, yes.”

Now, the neighbors think Kyles is playing the system. They’ve got social media receipts – pics of him at the Beyonce concert in New Orleans and a wedding over the weekend. They even shot a video claiming it was a party at Kyles’ place last month. But Allgood defends it all, saying, “He’s accepted responsibility, and he’ll do his time. This delay is legit. We’ve been in touch with the U.S. Marshals. He’s not evading anything, not painting the town red. He’s accepted responsibility, and he’ll do his sentence.”

Leah Felderman, not buying it, wants the judge to stick to her word, uphold the law, and protect the law-abiding citizens of Mobile instead of siding with the criminals. Allgood, no longer Kyles’ rep as of late Wednesday, says U.S. Marshals told her on Tuesday that Kyles must report to prison come Monday.

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