Neighbor Demand for Traffic Study: High Speed Crash Injures 5, Sparks

Neighbor Demand for Traffic Study: Betty Jean Moore’s valuable family heirlooms are safe in her South Side home. This gives the 94-year-old survivor a moment of relief after almost escaping a dangerous situation involving an oncoming car.

The scary event, which looked like an explosion, occurred in Moore’s house. “It sounded like a bomb,” she said as she remembered what happened. I thought there had been a blast in my house.

Moore slowly opened her blinds on a quiet Sunday to see what was happening outside her home in the 200 block of Creath Place. What she saw was something that could only be called strange. She told him, “I opened my shades and looked out this window, and I thought I saw things.” Her voice was filled with awe.’  What’s wrong with my eyes?'” There is a car there now.

Moore’s unique story had a watchful fireman and a strange tree in her yard that seemed to be watching over her. Moore says the fireman told her the stubborn tree stopped a 15-year-old driver from hitting her house with his car.

The story took a sad turn after Moore’s house. Police say the young driver was going too fast and carelessly ran a stop sign, which set off a chain of events that included a crash with another car, a collision with a telephone pole, and finally, the driver going into Moore’s front yard and damaging property. Paramedics quickly took the four people in the other car, including the teen driver, to a nearby hospital.

Moore felt slightly wrong when he said, “I prayed to God that this would all be okay because it didn’t look okay.”

Neighbor Demand for Traffic Study

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Someone in the neighbourhood who didn’t want to be named said things like this always happened. “There’s just a lot of cars that will speed down the streets, and they don’t pay attention to the yields or the stop signs,” said a neighbour.

The Public Works Department of the City of San Antonio last did a traffic study in 2013. This was found when the neighbourhood’s traffic infrastructure safety was looked into. Nicholas Olivier, a spokesperson, said that the results at that point needed to meet the standards for putting in place traffic-calming measures.

In answer to the worries, Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran’s office is working hard to complete a new traffic study. “My staff will take a look at the streets surrounding that and see what growth may have happened that’s having more people go through the streets,” said Viagran.

Despite all the chaos, Moore only caused a few tiny cracks in the roof of her house, which is a testament to her luck.