Moss Point Athletics Big Scores: with $75,000 Boost from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Moss Point Athletics Big Scores: In a surprising turn of events, the Moss Point School District’s athletic department secured a significant financial boost. Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundations, through its 75 for 75 Program, handed over a generous $75,000 check to the Tigers.

This program aims to support youth and athletic programs by providing funds for facilities and equipment.

The unexpected presentation took place during Moss Point’s lively pep rally, delighting the students and injecting excitement into the atmosphere.

Expressing gratitude, Moss Point Head Baseball Coach Julius Bridges recounted a conversation with a Dick’s Sporting Goods employee about replacing damaged equipment. This led to the realization that the school was eligible for a much-needed grant, especially after the athletic facilities suffered damage in the June tornado.

Coach Bridges shared his emotions, saying, “I was sitting back, sitting in my parking lot, and I got a call from Robert. He said, ‘hey, we got it.’ It was definitely a blessing to get it. I’m thankful for it and looking forward to using it.

I’m blessed that these kids get a chance to get something that can use after the tragedy we had in June.”

The $75,000 windfall is earmarked for improving baseball and softball facilities, marking a significant step forward for Moss Point’s athletic program. Coach Bridges expressed deep appreciation for Dick’s Sporting Goods for their generosity, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the students and the community.

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