Mobile Man Arrested in Alleged Robbery

Mobile Man Arrested in Alleged Robbery: In the heart of Mobile, a tale unfolds—a story of alleged robbery and the long arm of justice.

Meet Alex Isaiah Williams, a 25-year-old now finding himself on the wrong side of the bars, courtesy of the vigilant Mobile Police Department.

The incident in question dates back to October 13, around 10:35 a.m., when officers answered the call of a domestic violence complaint that took a menacing turn.

Picture this: Williams, armed and fueled by some unknown motive, confronted his ex-girlfriend outside her haven at Summer Place, 557 Azalea Road.

A gun in hand, her cellphone the target—it’s a scene straight out of a crime drama. The victim’s brother, a brave soul, tried to intervene, only to face Williams’ menacing threats. And then, like a shadow, Williams vanished on foot, leaving behind a shaken scene.

But that’s not the end of the tale. Williams, a man without a permanent address, faces a laundry list of charges. First-degree robbery and menacing set the stage, but the drama doesn’t stop there.

Add third-degree domestic violence, fourth-degree theft of property, attempting to elude, and third-degree burglary to the mix. It’s a complex narrative that has Mobile’s streets buzzing with speculation and the wheels of justice turning.

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