Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation Fundraising: to Enhance MPD Motorcycle Fleet

Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation Fundraising: Down in Mobile, the folks supporting the blue are calling on you to join their cause. The Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation is rallying to fundraise for the police department, addressing needs often overlooked in the budget.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation Luncheon. It’s not just a fancy event; it’s a street-level mission. John Arendall, the foundation’s president, emphasizes that supporting the police is key to keeping the community safer.

“Our police department does a stellar job taking care of their equipment. We’ve got motorbikes that have seen a lot of miles, but they’re still kicking,” Arendall proudly states.

This year, the fundraising focus is on revamping Mobile’s motorcycle fleet, aiming for a cohesive and polished appearance among the varied models.

“Those bikes are front and center, especially during Mardi Gras. It adds a professional touch to see them all uniform, consistent in quality. We don’t want it to look like a mishmash. We want that next-door neighbor feeling, not like they just scraped by on the budget for the past year or so,” chimes in Retired MPD Captain Clay Godwin.

Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation Fundraising

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Given that the Mobile City Police Department relies heavily on taxpayer dollars, the foundation’s organizers highlight the challenges they face due to spending restrictions. Sometimes, the department doesn’t get all it needs or desires.

“The police department faces budgetary restrictions and limitations on how they can acquire equipment. It’s often a game of the lowest bid, and the money isn’t always earmarked for specific needs. If it’s a name brand they want from a particular vendor, they have to navigate the bidding process, complicating and slowing down their ability to implement plans and use equipment effectively,” explains Godwin.

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