Mobile Celebrates US Marine Corps 248th Birthday: with Honor and Tradition

Mobile Celebrates US Marine Corps 248th Birthday: Mobile Chapter 33 Honors U.S. Marine Corps’ 248th Birthday

Mobile, Ala. – Celebrations resonated along the Gulf Coast as the U.S. Marine Corps marked its 248th year, and the Mobile Chapter 33 orchestrated a memorable evening at the Mobile Marriott to commemorate this milestone.

The annual Marine Corps birthday ball, hosted by Chapter 33, took center stage with a Congressional Medal ceremony. This event served as a poignant tribute to veterans, current servicemen, and those who have left an indelible mark on the nation.

A special moment unfolded as two Congressional Gold Medals were bestowed upon the family members of Corporal Jerome A. Reed Jr. and Pfc. George Russell Horne. This gesture symbolized the enduring gratitude for their service and sacrifices.

The birthday festivities included the customary cake cutting ritual, where tradition dictated that the oldest Marine present received the first slice, followed by the youngest Marine.

Retired Maj. Gen. Janet Cobb delivered a powerful keynote message, emphasizing the significance of the event in ensuring that the contributions of those who sought to make a difference are never forgotten. “It is always an event that guarantees that we never forget those who’ve set out to make a difference but ended up making history,” Cobb passionately expressed.

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