Kadarius Toney Injury: What Fantasy Football Owners Need to Know for Week 1

Kadarius Toney Injury: Kadarius Toney, a Chiefs wide receiver, may not play in the season opener against the Lions due to injury. Toney might play but not do much to avoid worsening the injury. After Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ top tight end, injured his knee in practice, his availability for the game is uncertain.

Despite being a first-round pick by the New York Giants in the 2021 NFL Draft, Toney’s 2022 performance for the Kansas City Chiefs was limited to just 14 catches. Despite not being the top player in the Super Bowl, his 5-yard reception turned touchdown left an impact. With Hardman and Smith-Schuster gone, he’ll likely have a larger role in 2023.

Kadarius Toney’s knee injury and surgery may worry the Chiefs’ offense. Since speed and agility are crucial to Toney’s play style, these injuries may harm his job in the long run. Escaping defenders is tough, hurting his game value.

The loss to Kelce complicates things further. His knee pain will determine if he plays based on swelling.Playing Toney in fantasy football this week could be risky. Kelce’s departure could benefit Toney, but he recently had surgery, which may limit his performance.

Toney caught only 14 passes last season. Despite positive 2023 season predictions, betting on him in the first week may be risky. Considering Toney’s weaknesses, fantasy football players may want to bet on other players instead. Despite his strong ADP of #115 and challenging opponents throughout the season, he may only partially showcase his abilities in Week 1.

Kadarius Toney Injury

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The Chiefs prioritize players’ long-term health. They’ll likely be cautious with Toney, given his upcoming surgery. The same is true for Kelce, considering his knee injury. Both are important to the Chiefs and risking injuries in the season’s first game may not align with their plans.

Fans and fantasy football players are excited about Kadarius Toney due to his promise last season and recent Chiefs’ offense injuries. However, it’s important to temper expectations for the season’s first game.

As the season progresses and players like Toney and quarterback Patrick Mahomes develop chemistry, there will be ample opportunities to witness their on-field prowess. For Week 1, the Chiefs are taking things slowly. Fans and fantasy football players should do the same.

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