Jerry Jeudy Faces Off Field Turbulence: Amid Broncos Struggles An Alabama Perspective

Jerry Jeudy Faces Off Field Turbulence: Jerry Jeudy faced a week full of challenges—from a clash with Steve Smith to persistent trade rumors, low production, and the Denver Broncos’ ongoing struggles.

In a heated exchange with Smith, the former Panthers star turned NFL Network analyst, prior to the Broncos’ 19-8 loss to Kansas City, Jeudy defended his stance after Smith attempted to apologize for labeling him a “JAG” on his podcast. The conflict escalated on air, with Smith discouraging general managers from trading for Jeudy, the former Alabama star and highest-drafted receiver in Broncos history at No. 15 in 2021.

While Jeudy expressed no animosity toward Smith, he stood firm on his position, urging consistency in personal encounters. He admitted he should have listened to Smith but emphasized his roots—when someone speaks ill behind your back, don’t expect smooth reconciliation in person.

Jeudy responded on the field with three catches for 14 yards, continuing a slow start to a season where he was expected to be Russell Wilson’s main target. Despite a hamstring injury in preseason and missing the opener, Jeudy’s stats stand at 20 catches, 222 yards, and no touchdowns in five games, contributing to the Broncos’ 1-5 start.

Acknowledging high expectations as a first-round pick, Jeudy believes he’s doing what he can, controlling the controllable. He feels unfairly criticized amid the Broncos’ struggles and pointed to the complexities receivers face, including dependence on teammates and various factors affecting success.

Jerry Jeudy Faces Off Field Turbulence

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Addressing Jeudy’s situation, coach Sean Payton emphasized the need to find ways to involve him more, acknowledging his frustration while downplaying social media disputes and the Smith controversy as long as they don’t disrupt the team.

Jeudy, a subject of trade speculation for over a year, blocks out external opinions, emphasizing the support from coaches and teammates. Dismissing outsiders’ limited understanding, he remains focused on his contributions and the realities seen in game footage.