Hunter Biden Legal Battle: Not Guilty Plea in Federal Gun Charges Case

Hunter Biden Legal Battle: Hunter Biden to make a second court appearance in Delaware. He plans to plead not guilty to federal gun charges due to breaking a previous deal. The charges stem from allegations of lying about drug use in 2018 during a gun purchase.

Hunter Biden admitted to being addicted to crack cocaine despite his defence team’s insistence on his innocence. Though rare, a recent court of appeals suggested that the law prohibiting gun ownership for drug users might violate the Second Amendment and Supreme Court rulings.

Hunter Biden’s defence team claims the allegations were made due to pressure from Republicans seeking special treatment. These charges were revealed when a plea deal on tax and gun charges failed this summer. The plea deal fell apart due to the judge’s doubts about specific terms. The agreement was made to resolve legal issues before his father’s 2024 presidential run. Five years ago, officials started investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

An exceptional attorney is handling the case, but a decision has yet to be made. Despite no new tax charges, the special counsel mentioned potential costs in Washington or California.

House Republicans seek to link Hunter Biden’s actions to his father in an impeachment probe. Despite years of investigation, no evidence has been found to implicate Joe Biden in any wrongdoing during his various roles.

Republicans want to divert attention from Donald Trump‘s legal issues as he leads the Republican nomination race. Trump may also be tried during this time, so this legal battle could last until 2024.

Hunter Biden, previously uninvolved in politics, has recently shown increased assertiveness in court. He is suing the IRS and those who leaked his tax records and personal information from his laptop.

Hunter Biden Legal Battle

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Hunter Biden was charged with lying twice and possessing a gun without a permit. Each charge can result in a maximum 25-year jail sentence. Under the rejected plea deal, he would have received probation for the tax charges, admitted guilt, and avoided the gun crime charge if he had stayed out of trouble for two years.

Defence lawyers argue that the abandoned plea deal’s protection still applies to him. Still, special counsel David Weiss, hired by Trump, disagrees. Hunter Biden requested a remote video meeting, but Judge Christopher Burke denied any “special treatment.”