Hollywood Halloween: Stars Navigate Costume Choices Amid Union Strike

Hollywood Halloween: It’s that time of year, but Hollywood stars are facing unique challenges this Halloween. As the SAG-AFTRA actors’ union remains on strike, a set of guidelines has been issued for its members, shaping the way they approach costume choices for the spooky season.

The “strike-friendly tips and tricks” advise against sharing photos of costumes inspired by struck content on social media. Instead, actors are encouraged to opt for costumes inspired by generalized characters like ghosts, zombies, or spiders.

For those who still want to embody an entertainment character, the union suggests playing it safe with portrayals from animated series or films.

Predictably, these rules have stirred reactions among guild members. Mandy Moore, star of “This Is Us,” expressed her frustration on Instagram, questioning the importance of such guidelines amid negotiations.

“Is this a joke? Come on, SAG-AFTRA,” Moore shared in her Instagram stories. “This is what’s important? We’re asking you to negotiate in good faith on our behalf.”

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds injected humor into the situation, anticipating playfully yelling ‘scab’ at his 8-year-old during Halloween. Despite not being in the union, she, too, needs to learn the ropes, according to Reynolds.

In the midst of these Halloween controversies, perhaps Hollywood could take a cue from the rest of the world and opt for costumes inspired by the likes of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

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