Hansen Air Pros Surprises Local Army Veteran: with HVAC Blessing

Hansen Air Pros Surprises Local Army Veteran: DAPHNE, Ala. Cody Parham got an unexpected wake-up call on Thursday in Daphne.

“We had a late night with our baby,” said Parham. “He had to go to the doctor last night, so my wife was in the shower recuperating, and seeing the media and everybody today is kind of awestruck. I’m in my pajamas…”

Armed with balloons and a new HVAC unit, Hansen Air Pros surprised the Army veteran with a much-needed gift.

“We had a few really hot days, but we were able to keep the thermostat down to like 76, 77, which when it’s 100 outside, and you come inside, and it’s 77, it’s OK,” Parham said.

Replacing their aging 16-year-old unit with a $10,000 upgrade, it’s part of Hansen’s annual giveaway, where veterans register to win a new unit.

“He should not have to worry about his family having cool air or heat when he’s put his life on the line for our country,” said Hansen Air Pros General Manager Brianna Mcadory.

Parham served as an intelligence analyst in the Army in Afghanistan, earning several medals for his service.

Now a nurse in Baldwin County, the stress of AC and heating expenses is lifted for the holidays.

“That’s a huge financial relief: that we don’t have to worry about the AC, you don’t have to worry about the heater throughout the winter. It’s a huge blessing, very grateful,” Parham said.

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