Gun Violence at a New Hampshire psychiatric Hospital

Gun Violence at a New Hampshire psychiatric Hospital: In the heart of New Hampshire, chaos unfolded as a gunman entered a psychiatric hospital. Tragedy struck when a guard, Bradley Haas, fell victim to the violence. Swift action followed as a vigilant police officer confronted the assailant, containing the incident within the hospital lobby.

Governor Chris Sununu shared the sorrowful news, expressing condolences for the loss. As investigators work to unveil the identity of the attacker, the community mourns the fallen guard. All patients and staff at the hospital, reassured by Commissioner Lori Weaver, are reported to be in good health.

The aftermath involves a meticulous examination by bomb squad officers, scrutinizing a suspicious vehicle on the hospital grounds. The incident, occurring around 3:30 p.m., brought swift response, with a state trooper engaging and neutralizing the suspect.

This secure psychiatric facility, nestled in Concord, remains a haven where metal detectors greet every visitor. The incident, contained within the hospital’s confines, unfolded during a police academy graduation ceremony nearby.

As New Hampshire grapples with this tragedy, the 184-bed hospital stands as a symbol of resilience on its 120-acre campus, housing key state agencies. The community rallies together, united in grief and solidarity.

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