Gulf Shores Plans Expansion: of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Gulf Shores Plans Expansion: GULF SHORES — Looks like one of our beloved island cities is gearing up to embrace greener vibes with three spanking new electric vehicle charging stations. The Gulf Shores City Council was all set to give them the green light at the meeting on October 23. This move is part of a plan to boost eco-friendly tourism in the area, and it’s got folks buzzing with excitement.

Now, these charging stations, if approved, will find their homes at different spots around town, making it convenient for both locals and visitors alike. The cost for this initiative is pegged at around $36,000 for a five-year term. Grant Brown, the director of recreation and cultural affairs, spilled the beans, saying, “We hope to install this fall and have locations ready to go this winter. Each station will be able to charge up to two vehicles.”

The city’s already got two confirmed spots—West Gulf Place parking lot and the Bodenhamer recreation center. They’re still playing the guessing game for the third location but are eyeing a spot north of the Intercoastal Waterway. All of this aligns with their grand plan, Vision 2025 for Sustainability, aiming to make Gulf Shores an eco-friendly haven.

The chosen one for the job, ChargePoint Inc., is all set to handle the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of these stations. The fees? Well, that’s something the city will decide based on similar setups in the region. As for the city’s commitment, they’ve already given a nod to an annual subscription fee of $7,200, already locked and loaded in the 2023 budget.

So, if everything falls into place and the Mayor signs on the dotted line, we might see these charging stations popping up around town soon. And with each station catering to two vehicles, it’s a step towards a cleaner, greener Gulf Shores. Plus, it’s in line with the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, making Gulf Shores a hot spot for eco-conscious tourists.

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