Gulf Shores Legendary Marina and Yacht Club: A Wave of Excitement with Margaritaville

Gulf Shores Legendary Marina and Yacht Club: Gulf Shores is buzzing with excitement over the rising star of entertainment—the Legendary Marina and Yacht Club. Currently in the works, this hub promises not just waterfront access but a culinary journey with restaurants like the renowned Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. With the Margaritaville brand, the anticipation is high for visitors from far and wide.

The City of Gulf Shores sees the Intracoastal Waterway as a vital hub, with more development unfolding—the grandeur of The Legendary Marina and Yacht Club.

Grant Brown, from the City of Gulf Shores, takes us down memory lane, “Back in 2005, 2006, it was Bon Secor Village. After a period of dormancy, Legendary stepped in, revitalized it, creating a splendid waterfront opportunity.”

The Legendary Marina and Yacht Club will be a haven, offering onsite fuel dockings, parking for over 200 vehicles, indoor boat storage, and convenient access to Jack Edwards Airport just a short drive away. And then there are the stars of the show—restaurants.

Brook Jones, CEO of Red Door Marketing Agency representing The Legendary Marina & Yacht Club, envisions more than a marina, “Access to the restaurants, providing a dining and entertainment experience,” he shares. And there’s something truly iconic joining the mix—Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.

“It’s a very iconic restaurant, and we are very excited to have that as part of the project,” says Jones.

Gulf Shores Legendary Marina and Yacht Club

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For Jones, the excitement is palpable, “Have their boats there, have a marina, have onsite lodging and dining and entertainment. Margaritaville being a first announced opportunity just becomes a great cornerstone for this development.”

It’s not just developers; even Parrot Heads, Jimmy Buffett‘s devoted supporters, are thrilled. “I’ve stayed at one before; our whole family had a good time there. So that, you know, is another good thing to add to our environment in Gulf Shores,” says Parrot Head Bobby Nichols.

Jones shares that reservations for the marina are already pouring in, and the local support for Jimmy Buffett is expected to be a fantastic addition to Gulf Shores. Get ready for a legendary coastal experience!