Gulf Shores Hero Officer Chris Childress Honored: with Smiles Behind the Shield Award

Gulf Shores Hero Officer Chris Childress Honored: Gulf Shores Police Officer Chris Childress, a true hero in every sense, was taken by surprise when WKRG crews presented him with the Smiles Behind the Shield Award for October. The look on his face said it all.

“Very much so,” said Childress when asked if he was surprised. “I got set up pretty good.”

The surprise wasn’t complete without the involvement of his wife and two daughters, who joined in on the celebration. Childress expressed the significance of their presence, saying, “This is my foundation here, so it’s an honor for them to be here as well. It’s my everything right here.”

Childress, an army vet, K9 handler, husband, and dad, is also a part of the dive and swat team with Gulf Shores PD. Despite holding numerous titles and previously being named Gulf Shores Police Officer of the Year, he remains humble and credits it all to his team.

“Those are the guys working hard,” Childress emphasized. “I’m just here to help them out; It’s a team effort for real.”

The camaraderie within the department is evident, with fellow officers expressing their admiration. “Well deserved, and he does a great job,” said one officer. Another mentioned, “Proud to be with him and have him help teach me some things.”

Childress, not only a dedicated officer but also a K9 handler, highlighted his bond with his four-legged partner, K9-Cairo. “I spend more time with that dog than I do my own wife and children, so he’s really a part of the family and he’s a joy to ride with,” shared Childress.

The presentation took a heartwarming turn as the President of Columbia Southern University, a sponsor, personally congratulated Officer Childress. Ken Styron expressed the university’s commitment to recognizing first responders, emphasizing their dedication to public safety education.

Officer Childress’s unwavering commitment to serving his country and the city of Gulf Shores earned him the well-deserved Smiles Behind the Shield Award.

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