Governor Ivey Efficiency Study Reveals: Government Shake Up Proposals for Savings

Governor Ivey Efficiency Study Reveals: Earlier this year, Governor Kay Ivey set up the Governor’s Study Group on Efficiency in State Government, tasking members with reviewing over 150 executive branch entities. On Wednesday, the group presented its findings, pointing out “several inefficiencies in how state government operates,” such as outdated methods and service duplications.

The recommendations include merging the Historic Blakeley Authority and St. Stephens Historical Park into the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, promoting electronic payment forms to cut fraud and costs, and consolidating the State Workforce Development Board and the Alabama Workforce Council. However, the group didn’t calculate potential taxpayer savings from these suggestions.

“We left the calculations for others to handle. That’s a task for the evaluators. It’s on the horizon,” explained State Treasurer Young Boozer, Chair of the Study Group.

The report also tackles licensing and regulatory boards, proposing that to avoid over-penalizing licensees, these boards should seek funding from state lawmakers. Additionally, the group suggests consolidating administrative duties like accounting, personnel, and legal functions for more efficiency.

“It can be handled more efficiently. Other states have a centralized government function that deals with all these types of entities,” commented Boozer.

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