Georgia Reign at the Top Sparks Debate: in College Football Rankings

Georgia Reign at the Top Sparks Debate: “The debut of the college football playoff rankings threw everything into a bit of a tizzy this Tuesday. Ohio State snagged the top spot, with Georgia, the reigning champs, Michigan, and Florida State following close behind. Now, let me tell you, my only bone to pick here is with Georgia.

The Bulldogs are riding high, undefeated and all. In the immortal words of the late John Madden, ‘You’re the champs until you’re knocked out.’ Madden, known for video games but a Super Bowl-winning coach and commentator, hit the nail on the head. The national sports media, they’re trying to find any excuse to throw shade at the SEC, the powerhouse conference that’s been top dog for years.

Ohio State had their shot last year against the Bulldogs, and they couldn’t seal the deal. Remember when Georgia laid the hammer on Michigan a couple of years back? Six out of the last eight national champs hailed from the SEC, including three by Alabama (2015, 2017, 2020). LSU snagged the crown in 2019.

Now, folks are chirping that the SEC is having a bit of a down year. Sure, Texas got the better of Alabama, and the Seminoles took down LSU. I’ll give them that.

But hey, maybe the Bulldogs won’t pull off the three-peat. If some team manages to take down the SEC, I’ll tip my hat to them. You know how it goes; everything sorts itself out on the field. Some of these teams are gonna catch an L, that’s for sure. I don’t see Washington keeping that unbeaten record for long, and mark my words, Oregon will get a reality check. Until someone knocks Georgia off their perch, my money’s riding on them Bulldogs.”

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