Flu COVID and Swine Flu: Baptist Health’s Battle Plan for Fall

Flu COVID and Swine Flu : Along with the arrival of fall comes the scary threat of three viruses: the flu, COVID-19, and swine flu. The medical staff at Baptist Health System is carefully taking safety precautions because they know what problems are coming.

When we met Jovie Axman, she was getting her yearly flu shot. She works in health care. She knew that soon she would be caring for sick people stuck in hospitals because they had the flu, COVID-19, or other diseases that spread quickly.

The Baptist Health System’s Chief of Infection Control, Dr. Duane Hospenthal, oversees this. He notices that when it’s cold outside, people stay inside more, which helps lung illnesses spread. A scary prediction says that COVID cases will worsen and the flu will return with a rage.

It’s getting harder to distinguish between COVID and flu symptoms because they look so much alike, like chills, fever, and body pain. In his talk, Dr. Hospenthal stresses the importance of getting vaccinated, especially for people at high risk, like those with lung problems or asthma. Getting vaccinated makes your immune system more robust, and getting several doses speeds up the immune reaction by waking up sleeping plasma cells.

People who are already sick get advice from Dr. Hospenthal: stay home, drink lots of water, and comfort yourself with chicken soup. Even though it’s unclear what time of year it is, the medical field is determined and ready for future medical problems.

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